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Learn more about the EagleOne Card for Faculty & Staff

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The University of Mary Washington issues an EagleOne Card to all members of the University Community; students, Faculty & Staff, and Volunteers.  EagleOne is the official identification card of UMW.

How to get your EagleOne

To get an EagleOne Card please have an authorized request form filled out by the Department of Human Resources first.  Bring the completed form and a government issued photo ID to the EagleOne Card Office in Lee Hall room 110 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.**Please note that it takes 24 hours from new employee orientation for information to be input into the ID Database.

The EagleOne Card Center recommends a faculty/staff person call 654-1005 prior to heading to the card office to ensure their information appears in the system.

To sign up a Secondary Cardholder for an EagleOne card, you can add your guest to the same form from Human Resources.  We require the form along with a valid photo ID of the Secondary Card holder is to receive the ID from the Card Office.

Identification and Access

Your EagleOne card identifies you as part of the UMW community and grants you access to various locations around campus. The Security and Safety Department department in Brent Hall assigns card access to Faculty & Staff.

EagleOne Debit Account

Make cashless purchases and pay for services at campus locations and off campus businesses. To make a deposit please visit our Online Card Office or visit the EagleOne Card Office in person.  To receive or stop automatic payroll deductions please fill out the form found on the Payroll Deductions page.  Then return an original copy to the University’s Payroll Department.

State Employee Benefits

Several companies work with the state of Virginia to offer discounts to state employees. You can use the EagleOne card as identification to receive these discounts. For more information, the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management provides this list of employee discounts.