iValidates for Faculty & Staff

The EagleOne Card Center has 3 iValidate iPads and readers available for sign out and use.  Faculty/Staff members may request a designated iPad and card swipe that will capture attendance at events.  The data will interface with the University’s transaction software, and reports will be available to provide analytics relative to UMW engagement.

In addition to listing the attendees, the reporting  will generate very granular information about the audience, for example:

  • residential student or commuter
  • class level
  • residence hall

The information garnered from these reports can be used to assist  in identifying  groups of students who are less engaged than others, and enable targeted direct marketing.  The software also has the capability to charge a fee (EagleOne $$) for admission to events or for retail product sales*.











*No demographic data available for admission with entry fee or retail sales options.

iValidate from Barbara Quann on Vimeo.