Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction

The University offers employees the ability to opt into payroll deduction.  This service deducts a specified amount each pay period, and transfers the funds on to your EagleOne stored value account.  This can be useful for those who frequently dine on-campus, or who make other purchases using their EagleOne.

 To Sign up for UMW Employee Payroll Deductions follow the steps below:

1. Print & complete the Payroll Deduction Form

2. Send the signed original form to Payroll, 4th Floor, Eagle Village.


Follow the link to the Webform for Payroll Deductions.

The minimum is only $10 per pay period and you may withdraw from the plan at any time.


The deduction will remain in effect until the employee terminates the deduction or completes a new payroll deduction form. Understand that the payroll deduction amount will be added to your EagleOne account within 24 hours after receipt of funds, and is not refundable except as described in the card program terms and conditions.