VIP Learning Management System Optional Training

Within the next few days, you may receive an email from the Department of General Services  inviting you to participate in the Virginia Institute of Procurement’s Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is an overview of the new eVA environment. The automated learning system guides you through interactive videos, Q&A’s and pdfs to explain generic eVA functionalities.

This is not required training, it is an optional learning tool.

Feel free to take advantage of some or all of the online interactive video and pdf information guides.  You may find it helpful for this early glance at the new eVA – be advised that UMW procurement and field requirements are not included in the online information.

We will offer inhouse hands on and ZOOM training beginning in January.

If you are interested and do not receive the emailed instructions in the next few days, the link to register for LMS is here:  Select Login and then Sign Up to register.  The University cannot assist with login issues, but there is a contact number  on the LMS site if assistance is needed.

eVA Training_FAQ’s

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