NextGen Readiness for the month of April

NextGen Readiness for the month of April Last check run for EP Orders is Thursday, April 28th with check dates for May 28th- June 1st. Prepare your departments in advance for eVA downtime from April 28th to May 10th. Continue vendor outreach for unregistered suppliers. A Supplier Greeting message is on the procurement website hosting links to assist with the eVA registration process. Review Banner FGIBDST and ensure all open orders are received upon, if necessary, and all invoices are in the hands of Accounts Payable at least 5 days prior to check run. Need help identifying orders?  Contact for budget reporting or regarding contracts and proper closure. Review Works and your pending card payment file.  Contact your PCO vendors for missing invoices or payments that have not yet posted for received goods and services.  Ensure all PCO orders, including confirming, are entered and/or adjusted … [Read more...]

DGS Announces New Go-live Date for eVA Platform

BUGS, stay tuned for addtional information concerning the extension of the NextGen rollout- See below: Launching a new platform for a statewide e-procurement solution that handles over $7.5 billion in spend annually is a huge undertaking and one that cannot be accomplished without close collaboration with many partners. With that in mind, we have decided to set a new go-live date for the modernized eVA platform to May 2, 2022. After listening to feedback from our users and evaluating where we are in the process, we determined that extra time for training and testing would help ensure a smooth transition. While we are extremely excited to launch the updated eVA software platform, we want to make sure our users feel comfortable with the transition. eVA as you know it will continue as normal until the transition in May. Thank you for continuing to be great partners as we keep Virginia in the forefront of e-procurement innovation. Sincerely, Joseph F. Damico, … [Read more...]

7 Tasks for the 7 last days of eVA

7 tasks for the last 7 working days of  eVA, due before leaving for Winter break (December 20, 2021-January 2, 2022) Continue vendor outreach. Review Banner FGIBDST and ensure all open orders are received upon, if necessary, and all invoices are in the hands of Accounts Payable- Last check run is December 16th Review Works, contact your PCO vendors for missing invoices.  Billing Cycle ends for SPCC on December 15th, Billing Cycle ends for UMW Finance Card on December 25th. Ensure eVA orders are completed and PO and PCO amounts are correct. Issue Change Orders as necessary. Remove unnecessary eVA orders in Composing status. Ensure all orders are fully Approved. Orders not fully approved during the conversion will roll back to Composing. Run the eVA 200 report and save for comparison in NextGen. “Active” orders are migrated, all others are available for reporting. Contact if you have questions on orders you have in Active status  (not fully paid and … [Read more...]

VIP Learning Management System Optional Training

Within the next few days, you may receive an email from the Department of General Services  inviting you to participate in the Virginia Institute of Procurement’s Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is an overview of the new eVA environment. The automated learning system guides you through interactive videos, Q&A’s and pdfs to explain generic eVA functionalities. This is not required training, it is an optional learning tool. Feel free to take advantage of some or all of the online interactive video and pdf information guides.  You may find it helpful for this early glance at the new eVA - be advised that UMW procurement and field requirements are not included in the online information. We will offer inhouse hands on and ZOOM training beginning in January. If you are interested and do not receive the emailed instructions in the next few days, the link to register for LMS is here:  Select Login and then Sign Up to … [Read more...]

Holiday and Implementation Planning

Buyers, its not too early to consider the purchasing requirements for your department(s) for the remainder of the calendar year and into 2022.  Consider the UMW Holiday Calendar, NextGen training that is expected to occur in November, and the very short month we have in December for deliveries and payment.  Perhaps you can order some supplies early to allow your focus on training and less stress for you in early January when mastering the new system.   … [Read more...]

Open Letter to UMW’s Valued Supplier Community

Procurement Services has posted an Open Letter to UMW's Valued Supplier Community on their website.  Suppliers may be directed to the site or you may choose to download the letter and send it directly to the Ad Hoc supplier you are guiding toward eVA registration. Here is a snip of the Procurement site showing the UMW Suppliers heading.  UMW Suppliers lists a wealth of supplier resources, to include the eVA Registration letter. … [Read more...]

eVA Message Envelope

In the next day or two, we are expecting a new message in the eVA Message Envelope.  If you would like to participate in the NextGen system testing, please respond to blog and a member of the UMW Implementation Team will contact you directly. … [Read more...]

Clean Up eVA Requisitions

What you can do right now to prepare for NextGen- Clean up your eVA Requisitions that have been left in Composing status (Complete them or Delete them).  The migration of active orders (purchases Submitted, Ordered, Edited and Denied within the last two years) will occur December 31st.  Older orders will be available via reporting. Your eVA implementation team had a quick view of NextGen.  The new look of eVA (formerly “e-Mall” or the shopping module) is easier to navigate and functions can be performed on one screen. For instance, you can compare pricing or search for a supplier, commodity code or state contract without leaving the form you are working within. Project Questions? Use the Comments feature to post questions and receive answers via the blog. … [Read more...]

eVA Supplier Definitions

eVA Self-Registered Suppliers eVA Self-registered suppliers are the UMW preference for Supplier Selection.  eVA transaction fees are shared between self-registered suppliers and UMW when purchase orders are created and sent to these suppliers.  UMW Contracted suppliers are required to self-register with eVA. eVA State-Entered Suppliers State-Entered Vendors (Suppliers) or "SEV" are to be used for purchases that are infrequent or perhaps only "one-time", are not contracted with UMW, may be an individual, such as a mentor-teacher or an athletic referee. On occasion, SEV suppliers may be an entity such as Amazon, that refuses to self-register with eVA but that UMW must use to fulfill its business mission. SEV suppliers do not pay eVA fees on purchase orders, nor do they ever receive the order through eVA (in the current environment). UMW pays ALL eVA transaction fees for use of these suppliers entered by a state entity (UMW or otherwise). Use of SEV registrants is not a UMW … [Read more...]

Ad Hoc Vendor Entries- Extension on eVA Entries

Update! The Ad Hoc process within the current eVA environment will be continued until the migration weekend of December 31st.  Continue to work with your Suppliers to request their Self Registration (SRV) within eVA.  This letter or website may assist you with the request.   In NextGen eVA, buyers will no longer have the ability to complete purchase orders to eVA-unregistered (AKA Ad Hoc) vendors (the replacement term for vendors within NextGen will be suppliers).  UMW suppliers must be self-registered in eVA prior to purchase order entry. To prepare for this change, the ability to enter an Ad Hoc (eVA un-registered supplier) in the current eVA environment will be disabled beginning October 15, 2021. Use of eVA self-registered suppliers should be our priority whenever possible in order to reduce eVA use fees to the University.  Beginning today, buyers having difficulty locating the correct registered eVA supplier should review the eVA eMall Manual or contact TESS or … [Read more...]