NextGen Readiness for the month of April

NextGen Readiness for the month of April

Last check run for EP Orders is Thursday, April 28th with check dates for May 28th– June 1st.

Prepare your departments in advance for eVA downtime from April 28th to May 10th.

Continue vendor outreach for unregistered suppliers.
A Supplier Greeting message is on the procurement website hosting links to assist with the eVA registration process.

Review Banner FGIBDST and ensure all open orders are received upon, if necessary, and all invoices are in the hands of Accounts Payable at least 5 days prior to check run.

Need help identifying orders?  Contact for budget reporting or regarding contracts and proper closure.

Review Works and your pending card payment file.  Contact your PCO vendors for missing invoices or payments that have not yet posted for received goods and services.  Ensure all PCO orders, including confirming, are entered and/or adjusted into eVA as required.

Ensure eVA EP orders are correct and received upon if goods and services have been received.
Issue Change Orders as necessary to enable eVA workflow approvals, Banner postings for EP orders, Banner Receiving process, and the Invoice has been sent to Accounts Payable.

Last Safe Day to enter eVA orders to allow full approval routing is Friday, April 22nd. Where possible, hold EP purchases (to be paid by check) until the week of May 9th

Delete eVA orders in Composing status or complete them to enable full EP to payment processing by April 28th.

After your last eVA entry but before April 28th, run the eVA 200 report and save for comparison in NextGen. “Active” orders are migrated, all others orders are available for reporting. You will not be able to run the eVA 200 report on or after April 28th to compare against your eVA NextGen orders.

We are expecting NextGen to be fully operational for all buyers May 10th, upon your return from the May 9th UMW Employee Appreciation Day holiday.

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