7 Tasks for the 7 last days of eVA

7 tasks for the last 7 working days of  eVA, due before leaving for Winter break (December 20, 2021-January 2, 2022)

  1. Continue vendor outreach.
  2. Review Banner FGIBDST and ensure all open orders are received upon, if necessary, and all invoices are in the hands of Accounts Payable- Last check run is December 16th
  3. Review Works, contact your PCO vendors for missing invoices.  Billing Cycle ends for SPCC on December 15th, Billing Cycle ends for UMW Finance Card on December 25th.
  4. Ensure eVA orders are completed and PO and PCO amounts are correct. Issue Change Orders as necessary.
  5. Remove unnecessary eVA orders in Composing status.
  6. Ensure all orders are fully Approved. Orders not fully approved during the conversion will roll back to Composing.
  7. Run the eVA 200 report and save for comparison in NextGen. “Active” orders are migrated, all others are available for reporting. Contact tess@umw.edu if you have questions on orders you have in Active status  (not fully paid and you are still expecting goods or services) from January 2020.

Happy New Year!!

When you return from break- expect the following:

January 3rd  and 4th – Integration testing with team. eVA will not be available for order entries.  Full campus eVA access dependent on sucess.

If you have an emergency need, contact procurement.

January 5th– ZOOM meetings begin, integration updates, eVA availability and functionality reviews

January 10th – eVA NextGen training kicks off with working and virtual support sessions for the month of January.

In NextGen –

All Change Orders on EP or PCO orders will be managed with the assistance of procurement and TESS.

All EP orders will have an additional “PO” prefix and a new requisition number.

All PCO orders will have a new requisition number.

Join the next BUG meeting on December 8th at 10am https://adminfinance.umw.edu/tess/training-and-system-support/bug-information/



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