Before you begin using the University’s financial systems, you must first obtain security access by completing and submitting the required forms. Information on form needs and security access is explained during the Fundamentals class. If you are not attending the Fundamentals class and need assistance, please contact Vickie Chapman (x1155).

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Banner Forms

Banner Finance requires the forms below.   Please print, complete, and return to Vickie Chapman, Assistant Controller of Finance Systems.

If you are unsure of how to complete this form, it is also distributed and reviewed in the Fundamentals of Finance class.

If you are a departmental purchaser, you will also need to complete the eVA Security Forms provided in training.

eVA Forms

Banner and eVa work together to ensure your purchases are ordered, received, and paid for according to internal policies, state procurement regulations, and the Virginia Prompt Pay Act. Your eVA securities are similar to Banner securities, but include Purchase Order routings and approvals necessary for Purchase Order contracts.

The eVA Acceptable Use Acknowledgement is presented to you upon logging into eVA for the first time. You must read and acknowledge the terms prior to entering the system. This is digital acknowledgement and is stored within eVA.

eVA training classes can be viewed from the Finance Training Calendar.

Office Move Information Form

Small Purchase Charge Card Forms

As part of the continuing efforts to streamline the State’s procurement and payment processes, the Commonwealth of Virginia has established a contract with Bank of America to provide its Small Purchase Charge Card Program to state agencies and institutions. The SPCC is to be used when purchasing goods and services up to the maximum delegated purchasing authority of $5,000 per transaction. (Individual card limits may vary.)

Click here to access the following forms:

Purchasing Charge Card Request
Purchasing Card Employee Agreement
Combined Delegated Purchasing Authority

Complete details regarding the policies and procedures for use of the SPCC are available from the Purchasing Department.