You can help


What you can do to protect our stormwater:

Pet Waste – We love our pets! Not their waste. When walking you furry friend make sure to pick up their waste and dispose of it in a pet waste station or a trash can.

Vehicle Maintenance – Do it yourself (DIY) vehicle maintenance and vehicle washing can result in the spill or incorrect disposal of harmful chemicals that may end up in our stormwater and ultimately the ocean. To avoid these situations, take your vehicle to a reputable car wash and maintenance service center.

Litter – Our community is a beautiful place, do your share to help maintain its beauty. When out and about make sure to dispose of your waste properly; if you encounter litter please pick it up and dispose of it. #TrashTagUMW

Zero Waste – This is when we reduce the amount of single use and disposable items when consume and when we use items that are reusable, for example, reusable water bottles, meal containers, shopping bags, etc.

Outdoor Maintenance – Reduce or eliminate washing of outdoor surfaces by blowing or sweeping instead.

Landscaping – Create a Rain Garden and plan for Water Wise Landscaping. To learn more about these practices click on the titles.