Recycling at UMW

Printer Cartridge Recycling Program

In UMW’s continuing process of thinking green, we have established a campus-wide recycling program for used printer cartridges.  Printer cartridges can be sent to the Central Storeroom via inter-campus mail, or deposited in one of the following collection box locations:

  • Bookstore, GW Annex
  • Post Office, Woodard Campus Center
  • Copy Center, Seacobeck Hall

This program is for all UMW faculty, staff, and students.  Even printer cartridges you use at home for personal use can be recycled through this program.

We strongly encourage anybody associated with UMW to recycle their used printer cartridges through this program.

Clean Up Our Planet by recycling printer cartridges.

Click here for information about other campus recycling programs.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle