Work Order Service

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2008, ALL routine requests are made online. Please see the “Work Management” page for more information.

Q. Can I fax or e-mail a work request?
A. Please do not fax or e-mail work requests.

Q. Where do I send work requests that apply to locks?
A. Work requests that apply to locks may be submitted via the Work Request process online.

Q. What happens if I have an emergency work request that needs to be handled ASAP?
A. If you have an emergency please call the main number 654-1047 or work management desk at 654-2078. (Example: toilet overflowing or not working, or no heat.) After hours emergencies are to be reported to the University Police Department at 654-1025. Requests for event support require two weeks advance notice.

Q. Who do I call for work requests that apply to phones or cable?
A. Cable TV and telephone repairs should be reported to the IT Help Desk at 654-2255.


Q. How do I reserve a van for an approved trip?
A. First you should call the main number at 654-1047 and find out if the date you are requesting is available. If there is a vehicle available at the time you need it for, then you should fill out a State Vehicle Request Form, (the form is linked on the “Vehicle Request” page). Submit your Vehicle Request Form through campus mail or fax to Facilities Services.

Q. Where do I pick up a state vehicle?
A. You can pick your approved vehicle at the Physical Plant Building located on Hanover St. (Battlefield). You may pick your packet up at the main desk at Facilities Services Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. If you are using the vehicle after hours then you should come to the department office during operating hours and pick up the packet in advance. They approved vehicle will be parked on the left parking lot beside the building by the gate for after hours pick up.

Q. There are two slips in my vehicle packet, what should I do with these?
A. One will be for billing purposes and the other is for mileage. Please make sure these are filled out upon return complete with an account number for the department using the vehicle.

Q. I am a student of the college, can I drive a UMW van?
A. Yes, but only with completion of the Drivers Certification. To achieve Drivers Certification please contact Parking Management at 654-1129 for the next available class.

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