Light Pole Banners


General Guidelines

  • Banners are to be used for branding and to promote academic cultural and informational programs in support of UMW’s mission.
  • Banner content should have university-wide appeal.
  • Banners may not be used for commercial advertising; advertising or promoting any political candidate, parties or issues; or identifying, advertising or promoting any religions.
  • Department banners (i.e. UMW Theatre) shall be placed on designated poles in contiguous areas in a clustered manner near the building/venue of the event. University-wide banners may utilize all zones.


University Relations is responsible for reviewing banner requests, addressing the following:

  • Appropriateness of content/message
  • Adherence to branding standards including images and the presentation of the university name and trademarks
  • Timing of request taking into consideration other banner requests for the same locations and time period

Facilities Services manages the installation and removal of banners on behalf of requesting departments.

Location and Quantity
Pole Banners may only be installed at the indicated available locations designated by the university and may only be installed on light posts that are designed to accommodate banner hardware.

For a complete listing of banner locations and a schedule, see the online map. No more than one banner may be installed per light pole at one time.

Content and Design
Pole Banner content must promote UMW, university events, or initiatives that are of general interest to the public and campus community. Third party advertising or other commercial messages are not allowed on Pole Banners. Pole Banners may not identify or promote any political candidate, parties, issues, or religion.

Recognition of UMW should appear within the graphics of the banner; university policies in regard to the use of the university name, logo and other trademarks must be observed.

Requestors may submit their own banner artwork for review/approval or request design assistance from UMW Design Services. All requests for banner displays must be made by submitting a banner request form to University Relations at minimum eight weeks prior to the desired date of installation. Allow at least two weeks for review/approval, three weeks for fabrication by an approved vendor and three weeks for installation.

Installation, Maintenance and Removal:

  • Contact Facilities Services for installation and removal. Facilities Services is the only unit on campus that can install and remove banners. Facilities Services will make every effort to install banners on the date requested, however this is not guaranteed. The requestor is responsible for all costs associated with installation and removal.
  • Banners which are not scheduled as part of an assigned rotation may be installed up to 10 days before the beginning of an event and must be removed within one week of the end of the event.
  • Requestor will arrange for delivery of finished banners to Facilities Services for installation.
  • Requestor is responsible for the cost of maintaining banners in good condition for the duration of the display, including the cost of removing and/or replacing any damaged banners.
  • Damaged banners must be removed or replaced promptly when directed to do so by Facilities Services.


  • Banners can be reserved for a 90-day period with an extension of up to 45 additional days if no competing requests have been received.

Banner Specifications:

  • The layout size of banners is 23 inches x 44 inches including a four inches sewn pole pocket at both the top and bottom of the banner height.
  • The design area should be 19 inches x 36 inches after the pole pockets are hemmed.
  • Banners must be double-sided.
  • Banners must be made of high-quality vinyl, flame retardant canvas or other flame-retardant awning material. Banner material must be opaque, non-shrinking, and water, tear, and fade resistant.
  • Banners must have double-sewn seams at all edges and at both sides of the pole pockets. Metal tie-down grommets shall be installed at the intersecting locations of double-sewn seams, but should not obstruct path for banner arm.

Guidelines for Graphic Content:

  • Content should be generic in nature and graphically, symbolically and verbally representing the university-sponsored event or activity. Font should be as large as possible so the information can be gleaned on quick glance.
  • Use minimal text – no more than five to seven words.
  • Incorporate images or graphics using geometric or abstract shapes.
  • Content may include the name or logo of the sponsoring university unit or college; non-university sponsors shall not be presented on banners.
  • Recognition of the University of Mary Washington should appear within the graphics of the banner; university policies in regard to the use of the university name, logo, and other trademarks must be observed.
  • Logos files may be requested from University Relations. All policies in regard to trademark use must be observed.