Work Management

Hours of Operation 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

Emergencies Only – during business hours: Please call 654-1047. For emergencies outside normal business hours call the University Police at 654-1025

Facilities Services is responsible for scheduled and routine maintenance and repairs (painting, plumbing, electrical, custodial functions, carpentry, heating and air conditioning, grounds, and set-up/moving) of most campus facilities.


The “Work Order Requests” form is online. This form allows students, faculty and employees to enter routine work requests online and track the status of their request. Routine work requests will not be accepted by telephone, fax or email after August 1, 2008. The “Work Order Requests” form may be accessed as follows:

Faculty, Staff, and Students, click the following link : “Facilities Work Orders



All non-emergency work requests must be made online through the appropriate method as described above. Set up requests for an event must be made two weeks prior to the event.



EMERGENCY WORK: Any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction or equipment failure which presents an imminent danger to life, health or property is an emergency and should be reported immediately to Facilities Services by telephone on 654-2078 or the main number 654-1047. If it is after normal working hours, contact the University Police at 654-1025.

ROUTINE WORK: Requests for maintenance or set up services which do not involve broken or malfunctioning equipment or facilities are classified as routine and should be submitted online. Examples are: defective light bulbs, moving furniture, or painting.

SET UP FOR AN EVENT: Submit an on-line (ROUTINE) request online at least 2 weeks before the event, to include date, time, and location of event. List what items you may need such as: number of tables, chairs, podium. Also, let us know if any electrical or other support may be needed for the event. Diagrams or sketches to show configuration of rooms, tables, etc. should be faxed to (540) 654-1069 after submission of the request and reference the request number.

Tables and chairs are limited to current inventory. For large events or during busy periods on campus rentals may be necessary at the expense of the requester.

NOTE: Separate arrangements must be made through the Office of Events/Facilities Use in order to reserve rooms or facilities (540) 654-1234.

PEST CONTROL: Pest control is provided by a contracted service. The technician is generally on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (8 a.m.-12 p.m.) Please submit an online request online if pest control services are needed.

ELEVATOR REPAIRS: For minor elevator problems, e.g. light bulbs out, door dragging, etc. please submit an online request online. Emergency problems (see definition above) should be reported by telephone.

LOCKSMITH SERVICES (OTHER THAN KEY REQUESTS): For problems with locks or loose doorknobs, please submit a request online via the appropriate method.

NOTE: KEY REQUESTS  should be sent directly to the Locksmith shop, located in the University Police Department and NOT addressed to Facilities Services.

Services of Other departments

VENDING/LAUNDRY REPAIRS: Contact EagleOne Card Office at 654-1005. For emergencies such as a washer is overflowing, or a dryer is smoking, contact Facilities Services per “Emergency Work” instructions above.

SURPLUS ITEMS: Please contact Purchasing and Central Storeroom.

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