MyTime Training: FLSA – Agenda

MyTime FLSA Training is for current and new users of MyTime.

FLSA training provides:

  • an overview for Exempt and Non-Exempt employee types
  • a review of the 80 Hour Schedule Period for Exempt employees
  • a demonstration of a 40 Hour Work Week for Non-Exempt employees
  • an illustration of Approvals, Overtime, Comp Time and Request for Time Off.

Training Overview:

  • Spotlight for Timecard Management
  • Payroll Forms
  • Review Timecard as an Exempt Employee
    • 80 hour per Schedule/2-Week Work Period(Monday – Sunday)
    • Viewing multiple Schedule Periods prior to Pay Period Approval
      • View Footer for Comp Time
    • Approve Timecard¬† by Pay Period
  • Review Timecard as a Non-Exempt Employee
    • 40 hour Work Week
      • View Footer for Overtime
    • Use Calendar for Week views
    • Schedule and Work Week Adjustments
    • Missed Punches and Use of Comments
    • Approve Timecard¬† by Pay Period
    • Leave Requests by the Hour
  • Review Timecards as a Supervisor
    • Right Click to view Employee Information
      • Employee Classifications
      • Pay Codes
    • Use of Calendar
      • 40 Hour Work Week
      • Exceptions
      • Missed Punches
  • RTO submissions/Employee or on behalf of the Employee
  • Reminders:

Review with Q & A

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