Decal Designations

Vehicles parked on campus must display a valid decal or temporary dash pass and be parked in a lot that corresponds with the decal designation. Reserved spaces and restricted lots are at all times.

Decal Prices:

Residential  (yellow decal) $225
UMW Apartments  (black decal) $225
Eagle Landing  (green decal) $375
Commuter  (red decal) $225
Summer Session  (5 week) $35
Summer Session (8 week) $55
Summer Session (10 week) $70
Faculty/Staff  (blue decal) $0
Contractor  (orange decal) $0

Obtaining a Decal:

To purchase a parking decal, individuals must comply with UMW policy and procedures, associated state regulations and must be an enrolled student or active employee. After logging into Self-Service Banner, select the Personal Information tab, then Parking Management.

Decals will be delivered to UMW campus mailboxes (for residential and commuter students). Before the decal arrives a temporary parking dash pass can be printed from online after purchase.

Decal Placement:

Decals must be secured with their own adhesive. The use of scotch tape or other means of temporarily securing the decal to the inside rear windshield is not acceptable.

In the case of a vehicle which does not have a fixed rear window (Jeeps, convertibles), the decal is to be displayed on the left rear bumper of the vehicle.

Motorcycle and motor scooter decals are to be fixed to the left side of the front forks in such a way that the decal is clearly visible.