General Information

Parking on the Fredericksburg Campus is by permit only (decal, hangtag or dash pass) and is required of all vehicles parked on the campus. This is applicable to all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and vendors to the University.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Access:

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the University has access to certain VA DMV computer files. Said access enables the University to determine the name and address of a vehicle owner by license tag or vehicle identification number.


UMW, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and agents of UMW or the Commonwealth DO NOT assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents when parked on University property. UMW and the Commonwealth of Virginia DO NOT assume responsibility for damage to vehicles that are towed due to violations incurred. It is not the responsibility of the University Police or Parking Management Services due to state liability policy to jump start, open vehicle doors when keys are lost or locked inside a vehicle. It is recommended that each student that drives a vehicle and parks on campus has some type of road service (i.e. AAA or any other automobile club). The Communication Office can also provide an individual with the phone number of local companies who provide these services for a fee.

Parking Space Availability:

The purchase of a UMW parking decal gives the holder the right to park in designated campus locations. There should be available parking for all decal holders. Therefore, there should always be space available for each parking decal holder although the space may not necessarily be in a location of the parking decal holder’s preference.