Tickets and Appeals

Cops Writing TicketAll UMW faculty, staff, and students bringing a vehicle to campus must display a valid university decal. UMW parking management enforcement officers issue citations for vehicles that do not adhere to vehicle campus guidelines. The City of Fredericksburg is responsible for enforcement of parking infractions on city streets for those with decals.

Ultimately, the registered owner of a vehicle is responsible for all citations and fines issued to said vehicle whether or not the owner was in fact the driver. In addition to the registered owner of the vehicle, the holder of the University parking decal/pass that the vehicle is registered to may also be held financially responsible for citations and fines issued.

Citation issued to a student must be appealed online or citation fine must be paid within twenty (20) calendar days of the date the citation was issued.  Denied citations must be paid within ten (10) calendar days after date of denial.