Decal Designations

Vehicles parked on campus must display a valid decal or temporary dash pass and be parked in a lot that corresponds with the decal designation. Parking in a reserved space or restricted lot is prohibited at all times.

Decal Prices for 2023:

Residential  (yellow decal) $225
UMW Apartments  (black decal) $225
Eagle Landing  (green decal) $375
Commuter  (red decal) $225
Summer Session  (5 week) $36
Summer Session (8 week) $56
Summer Session (10 week) $71
Faculty/Staff  (blue decal) $0
Contractor  (orange decal) $0

Decal Proration Schedule

Annual decals will be prorated based on purchase time.

Purchase Date $225 Decal $375 Decal
August-September $225 $375
October $200 $335
November $175 $295
December $150 $255
January $125 $215
February $100 $175
March $75 $135
April $50 $95

Obtaining a Decal:

To purchase a parking decal, individuals must comply with UMW policy and procedures, associated state regulations and must be an enrolled student or active employee. After logging into Self-Service Banner, select the Personal Information tab, then Parking Management.

Decals will be delivered to UMW campus mailboxes (for residential and commuter students). Before the decal arrives a temporary parking dash pass can be printed from online after purchase.

Decal Placement:

Decals must be secured with their own adhesive. The use of scotch tape or other means of temporarily securing the decal to the inside rear windshield is not acceptable.

In the case of a vehicle which does not have a fixed rear window (Jeeps, convertibles), the decal is to be displayed on the left rear bumper of the vehicle.

Motorcycle and motor scooter decals are to be fixed to the left side of the front forks in such a way that the decal is clearly visible.

In requesting a refund the student must furnish:

  1. Proof of departure from UMW along with the return of the decal or;
  2. Proof that the car is being permanently removed from the City of Fredericksburg and will not be brought back during the remainder of the academic year along with the return of the decal, or;
  3. Proof showing that the decal was a total loss due to damages (i.e. a photograph). If a replacement vehicle will not be brought to campus, a refund will be processed. If a replacement car is brought to campus, a replacement decal will be issued at no charge.
  4. All outstanding citations and accrued fees must be paid before a refund can be processed.

Only the original purchaser of a parking decal may receive a refund of the purchase price of a parking decal in accordance with the refund schedule and conditions. These are the only standing conditions under which a refund will be processed. For any other reason, a letter of request must be made to the Parking Management Supervisor Maie Makin at for a case-by-case review.

Full Refund A full credit/refund on an annual or semester decal will be given within (10) calendar days from the date of purchase.
Partial Refund Consideration will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Student Refund
Students who purchase an annual decal and who will not attend spring semester or will be studying overseas will receive a partial refund in the amount either $113 or $187 depending on the type of parking decal purchased. All requests for refund must be done prior to the first day of spring semester and all or part (decal number visible) of decal must be returned before refund can be processed.


Any alteration of a parking decal/pass subjects the vehicle and owner to citation and fine and may also subject them to towing or impounding at the owner’s risk and expense. Issues of counterfeiting will be reported to Administration for judicial review as well as appropriate criminal processing.


Green Decal Refund $375 Schedule:

Month in Which Refund is Sought Amount to be Refunded
August $375.00
September $329.00
October $282.00
November $235.00
December $187.00
January $141.00
February $94.00
March $47.00
April $0


Yellow, Black, or Red Decal Refund $225 Schedule:

Month in Which Refund is Sought Amount to be Refunded
August $225.00
September $198.00
October $169.00
November $141.00
December $113.00
January $84.00
February $56.00
March $28.00
April $0


Lost/Stolen UMW Decal Acknowledgement:

Before a replacement UMW decal is issued, the decal holder must acknowledge in writing that the decal was lost or stolen and that he/she understands that the registered owner(s) of any vehicle displaying or using a UMW decal verified as lost or stolen by the holder will be cited for fraudulent display and subject to any and all fines and legal actions imposed by UMW and/or the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Use or participation in the use of a reported “lost decal” by the original recipient will result in the forwarding of information to appropriate University and legal authorities for further legal action.

Lost/Stolen UMW Decal Replacement Policy:

Replacements for lost or stolen decals will be issued only to the original purchaser/grantee. All outstanding citations and accrued late fees must be paid before a replacement is issued. Also a copy of the police report and/or case number must be submitted with the request for a replacement of a stolen decal. The Parking Management Supervisor shall base any determination upon receipt of an official police report.

Lost/Stolen UMW Decal Replacement Fee:

At this time, UMW does not impose a fee for replacing reported lost/stolen decals.

Law Enforcement Report Requirement for Stolen Decal:

All stolen permits must be reported to UMW Police. If the theft occurs off campus, the theft needs to be reported to the law enforcement agency/official in the jurisdiction where the theft occurs. In reporting the theft of a decal to NON-UMW law enforcement, be sure to indicate to the reporting officer the case number and the monetary value of the decal.

Requirement For Reporting a Lost Decal:

When reporting a lost decal, it must be reported to the Parking Management Supervisor, located in Lee Hall anytime between 8am to 5pm M-F along with a notarized letter stating the circumstances surrounding the lost decal. The Parking Management Supervisor will make a determination. Once determination has been made a new decal may be issued at no additional cost.