Appeal a UMW Ticket

Appealing a Ticket Online

Tickets may be appealed through the NuPark portal.

Faculty/Staff use may also use Self-Service Banner  to appeal a ticket. Students can access Banner through myUMW. Once logged in click on Personal Information and finally Parking Management to fill out an appeal form.

Appeal Guidelines

Any person who has been issued a parking ticket may file an appeal provided that no more than twenty (20) calendar days elapse since the issuance of the ticket. A denied citation must be paid within ten (10) days after the date of denial. An investigation to determine whether or not a violation has occurred and if there were significant mitigating circumstances surrounding the parking infraction to warrant excusing the fine, will be conducted. The appeal action will halt the billing process until a decision is made.

  • Appeal forms must be submitted within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of the ticket.
  • The appeal form is accessed through the NuPark portal. Visitors can make an account, while UMW community members should use single sign on.  Members of the UMW community can also access the site through myUMW for students and Banner SSB for faculty/staff.
  • Appeals may be submitted by the citation recipient; no one may appeal on the ticket recipient’s behalf.
  • Photos may be entered in evidence as a part of the appeals process.
  • The appeals process is an administrative process; therefore a hearing will not be conducted.
  • Appellants will be notified by mail or email of the decision within two or three weeks.
  • The appeal decision is final and binding.
  • Accounts chargeable to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia will also be reported to the Virginia Department of Taxation, Division of Set-Off Debt Collection.
  • In order for your appeal to be processed in a timely manner, pertinent documentation should be submitted when the appeal is filed.
  • If appeal request is denied, you will have ten (10) calendar days from issuance of denial letter to pay the fine.
  • Parking Citations not paid within fifteen (15) calendar days will become past due and a late fee will be assessed.
  • Parking Citations not paid within forty-five (45) calendar days will be turned over to a collection agency

Decisions on appeals are based on the below guidelines:

  1. The citation and fine is presumed valid. It is the obligation of the appellant to present information that would invalidate the ticket.
  2. A specific reason for denial is not required to be given. A general statement can be made that a sufficient reason for reversal was not made.
  3. Failure to file an appeal in twenty (20) calendar days of the issue date will result in automatic denial and also means that you have accepted the citation as is and all fines are due.

Students should make payment to their student account using the same process they normally would use to pay for charges on their account. EaglePay online accepts echecks and credit cards. The Cashiers office accepts cash, EagleOne, and checks.

For non-students who wish to pay online, you may make an invoice payment through Cashnet 

Payments of fines may also be made in person at the Cashier’s Office in Lee Hall or to the following address: University of Mary Washington, Cashier’s Office, Lee Hall, Room 2061301 College Avenue, Lee Hall, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.