The cost of parking in the commuter parking lots (red decal) is $225.00 and entitles the user to park in any red color coded lot as well as along the University side of College Avenue seven days a week, regardless of the time of day.

Incoming Students

Freshman Commuters, with the exception of long distance and other preapproved students, are the only members of the freshman class to have a car on campus. As with the other Commuters, Freshman Commuters can register more than one vehicle.

Multiple Vehicles

Commuting students may register an additional vehicle without incurring additional fees. In order to register an additional vehicle, the student must FIRST register the primary vehicle using the Parking Management system found online. Additional vehicle must be registered in person at Lee Hall Room 110 (M-F, 8am-5pm). There is NO CHARGE after the 1st vehicle is registered to add an additional vehicle to the student’s profile.

Summer Session

The cost of a summer decal is $35 per session. If a student purchased a decal during the academic year, the decal remains valid till August 01 of each year. Students must furnish the vehicle license plate number or may present a valid state registration (though registration is not required). Contact Parking Management Supervisor Maie Makin at or (540) 654-1129.

Parking in residential student lots is prohibited during Fall & Spring Semesters; during both summer sessions parking is liberal and use of residential lots is permissible.


  1. Those students who reside in the City of Fredericksburg’s “College Heights/Restricted Zone” are considered commuting students and must also obtain special parking permits IN ADDITION TO THEIR UMW PARKING DECAL from the City of Fredericksburg Police Department Records Division located at Police Headquarters – 2200 Cowan Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA. That office is open Monday -Friday from 8:30 am until 4pm daily.
  2. To obtain one of these permits, it is required that the commuting student appear in person with a current (not expired) photo ID, vehicle registration for each vehicle which requires a permit proof of residency (copy of lease, utility bill, etc.)
  3. Permanent residents living on College Ave. must also purchase a valid city parking permit from the City of Fredericksburg Police Department.