Lot Designation

The following word document lists currently open and closed lots at the university.

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Areas for Parking by UMW Commuter students with RED decals.

  1. College Avenue on the college side, from Anderson Center to Williams Street
  2. Pizza Hut Lot #35
  3. Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Alvey Drive parking deck
  4. Williams Street Lot #30 (partial)
  5. Sunken Rd. Lots # 11 & 13
  6. Battlegrounds Lot #33

Parking in the Eagle Landing Parking Deck (EL) is exclusively reserved for Eagle Landing Apartments residential students who purchase the appropriate permit (green decal) and no other vehicles are permitted to park in the Eagle Landing portion of the deck.

*The top deck of Alvey is divided between visitors, faculty/staff, and students. See below for details.