Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a decal to park on College Avenue?
  2. How do I appeal a citation?
  3. I received a citation, what now?
  4. What do I do if my decal is stolen?
  5.  Could I get a refund for my decal?
  6. I forgot or left my decal in another vehicle, what now?
  7. What do I do if I need a replacement decal?
  8. Where and how do I purchase decals?
  9. What do I do if there is a hold on my records because of parking citations and I want to register for classes?
  10. Do I need a decal to park on campus?
  11. How much do decals cost and what type do I need?
  12. What forms of payment are accepted?
  13. If my vehicle has state issued accessible permit or plates is a university decal still needed?
  14. I have a broken down vehicle on campus. What can I do?
  15. Where is the Parking Management Office located and what do I do if I have a complaint or comment?
  16. Where can commuters park?
  17. As a visitor do I need a permit and where can I park?
  18. All lots on campus are full, where can I park?
  19. I work late and have to go through campus during night hours. How can I get to my dorm safely?
  20. Do part-time or evening students need a decal?
  21. I have a temporary/rental vehicle. What do I need?
  22. Where can I park on campus for Great Lives lectures?

1. Yes, if you are a member of the UMW community, you need a decal to park on College Ave. Commuter students, faculty and staff, and visitors may all park on College Ave.

2. If the person who received the ticket is not a student or faculty member he/she should fill out the UMW Parking Citation Administrative Appeal located on the UMW Parking Management website. If the person is a student or faculty member then he/she appeals through myUMW or Self-Service Banner  by clicking on Personal Information and then Parking Management to fill out the correct form.

3. After receiving a citation the student must either appeal online or pay the fine within 20 calendar days from the date of the citation. Fines not appealed or paid within twenty days will acquire an additional cost of $10 and at the thirty day mark, if the citation has not been paid or appealed, another $10 will be required.

4. If stolen or lost the decal holder must acknowledge in writing that the decal was lost or stolen and report the theft to the Police and to the Parking Management Office in Lee Hall. A replacement will be issued only to the original purchaser/grantee. Also a copy of the police report and/or case number must be submitted with the request for a replacement of a stolen decal. At this time there is no fee for a replacement.

5. In Requesting a Refund the student must furnish:

  • proof of departure from UMW along with the return of the decal or
  • a notarized statement that the car is being permanently removed from the City of Fredericksburg and will not be brought back during the remainder of the academic year along with the return of the decal, or
  • a notarized statement from a garage/insurance company/towing company stating that the decal was a total loss due to damages. If a replacement vehicle will not be brought to campus, a refund will be processed. If a replacement car is brought to campus, a replacement decal will be issued at no charge.
  • All outstanding citations and accrued fees must be paid before a refund can be processed.

Only the original purchaser of a parking decal may receive a refund of the purchase price of a parking decal in accordance with the refund schedule and conditions. If there is any other reason, a letter of request must be made to the Parking Management Supervisor for a case-by-case review.

6. The student may obtain a temporary dash pass if needed through the Parking Management office located in Lee Hall.

7. Please return all or parts of the original decal to Parking Management to begin process of replacement. If the decal is no longer available, notarized documentation will be needed. Bring in new vehicle information for replacement.

8. In order to purchase a decal the student must log into Self-Service Banner and then Parking Management under the Personal Information tab. After filling out the appropriate question the student will be able to purchase a decal. Decals will be delivered to the student’s UMW mailbox. Until it arrives, a temporary dash pass may be printed out.

9. All parking citations must be paid in order for the student to register for classes.

10. Yes, all students and staff must register their vehicles in order to park on campus.

11. A residential, commuter, and UMW apartment decal all cost $225. The Eagle Landing decal price is $375. The type of decal needed depends on where the student lives.

12. The general public may use cash or check to pay for a UMW fine. Students are to use their UMW account to pay for a fine or decal.

13. Yes, a UMW decal is also required to park in a UMW accessible parking space. The state issued accessible permit or plate gives permission to utilize any accessible parking, but the UMW decal is needed so that the driver may park in University parking. However, the driver may park in any accessible space in any lot, regardless of decal type. Accessible spaces are available at all times, even if the lot is closed or reserved for an event.

14. Notify Parking Management.

15. The Parking Management Office is located in Lee Hall room 110 and is open from 8:30 to 5pm Mon-Fri. If a student has a suggestion or other concern there is a form on the parking management homepage titled “How are we doing?” that can be submitted with comments.

16. Commuters may park on: College Avenue–college side only– from the Anderson Center to Williams Street, and Pizza Hut lot #35, the UMW Parking Deck levels 1-3, lot #10, William St. and Sunken lot #30, Sunken Rd lots #11 &13, and at the Battlegrounds in front of the soccer fields #33.

17.Visitor parking is located on level #4 of the UMW Parking Garage off of Rt 1, and in general “Visitor” spaces on Inbound Double Drive upon entering the University’s gates off of College Ave. One day, one time visitors are not required to have a permit. However, overnight and frequent visitors do. Visitor passes can be obtained at the Parking Management office in Lee Hall 110, the University Police Department in South Hall, and the Eagle Landing front desk. Vehicle information will be required.

18. Depending upon what decal a student may park in several areas further from campus such as; in front of the soccer fields at the Battlegrounds, Pizza Hut lot on Thornton Street, the parking deck, and Eagle Landing Deck.

19. A UMW Safety Escort is usually available. If a student is uncomfortable walking back to one of the dorms then he/she should contact the University Police by using one of the Blue emergency lights located throughout campus or call 540-654-1025. This service also extends to the parking deck as well as other off-campus lots.

20. All students must have a UMW decal to park on campus.

21. All vehicles, including temporary/rentals, require a permit. Bring vehicle information to Parking Management in Lee Hall 110 or UMW Police in South Hall.

22. All on campus parking lots are available for parking during evening events on campus.