Parking Reservations

Members of the UMW community may reserve parking spaces/lots on campus, as available.  The reservations can be for temporary use (events) or permanent spaces for departmental use.

Temporary Reservation:

If space/lot is needed for an event or short period of time, please complete the TEMPORARY REQUEST ONLINE FORM, at least five (5) business days in advance of date needed.

    • Requests will be reviewed as soon they are submitted
    • The Parking Management Office will notify the requester of the decision

Permanent Reservation:

Availability of permanent reserved spaces is limited and requests are granted only in special circumstances.

Please complete the PERMANENT REQUEST ONLINE FORM, if:

  • Space is needed for permanent use with ‘reserved’ sign
    • Once the request has been received by Parking Management, it will be submitted to the respective department VP for approval
    • If approved by department VP, the request will be forwarded to the President’s Cabinet for review and decision
    • The Parking Management Office will notify the requester once a decision has been provided
      PLEASE NOTE: The entire process takes a minimum of thirty (30) days from date request received.