Event Parking

Special Event Visitor Parking at any of our campuses may be assigned for special events hosted by/at the University. Individuals visiting the University to attend a special event will need to park in the areas designated for the event. Notification concerning special event parking location will be sent from the office/group sponsoring the event at UMW or by direction of Parking Management Services and UMW Police upon arriving at UMW.

Parking Management Services requires that enough advanced notice be given when requesting Reserved Parking Spaces. The preferred time is 14 days, but Parking Management does understand that some individuals or department’s notice is at the last minute. The minimum notice time is 5 days. Parking Management will attempt to accommodate last minute requests, however no guarantee can be made.

The University reserves the right to reserve spaces and/or lots for major events of the University as well as during times of inclement weather. Vehicles violating signs in these cases are subject to towing, at the student’s/owner’s expense. If you are not sure about where you are parking or the restrictions thereof, please contact Parking Management , at parking@umw.edu or (540) 654-1129.