Regulations and Enforcement

DELINQUENT FINES: A student who has appealed a citation that is denied and then fails to pay the citation fee may be placed on financial suspension. Financial suspension means no transcripts or records are issued, no diplomas are released, and no registrations are permitted until outstanding obligations have been paid in full.

COLLECTIONS AND TAX SET-OFF: Parking fines outstanding for forty-five (45) days or longer will be referred to collections. Collection fees may be as much as one-third of the balance due the University. Accounts chargeable to a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia will also be reported to the Virginia Department of Taxation, Division of Set-Off Debt Collection. The balance of the unpaid account will be deducted from the individual’s Virginia State income tax refund. The amount deducted will be forwarded to UMW, an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ALTERING AND COUNTERFEIT DECALS/PASSES: Any alteration of a parking decal/pass subjects the vehicle and owner to citation and fine and may also subject them to towing or impounding at the owner’s risk and expense. Issues of counterfeiting will be reported to Administration for judicial review as well as appropriate criminal processing.

FIRE LANE & BLOCKING EGRESS AND/OR INGRESS: Vehicles are not permitted to park in fire lanes (outlined by yellow lines) at any time.  Any vehicle which blocks, impedes, or restricts another vehicles ability of egress or ingress, as a result of violating a parking regulation, is subject to towing, at owner’s risk and expense, without notice. In addition, citation(s) and fine(s) may be imposed.

VEHICLE AUTHORIZATION: The purchase, acceptance and use of any decal/parking permit on UMW property conveys authorization to the UMW Parking Management, UMW Police, and UMW Facilities Services to relocate any vehicle, by means of towing, to another parking space or lot when deemed necessary. The relocated vehicle will be moved to a space on the same property/campus. When/if this cannot be accommodated, the vehicle will be moved to the UMW Facilities Services lot located off Hanover Street behind the Battlegrounds Athletic Complex.

If a vehicle is to be towed due to the owner parking in violation of the UMW Parking Regulations, the vehicle operator/owner will be responsible for assessed fines and towing fees. If there are questions about a towed vehicle please contact the Communication Center, 540-654-1025.

TOWINGTowing without notification can occur under certain circumstances. Towing tickets are NOT appealable. All towing tickets must be paid within ten (10) days of citation issue date.

APPLICATION OF RULES AND REGULATIONS: No UMW Student or UMW Personnel is permitted to bring more than one vehicle to park on campus at a time. A vehicle found parked in such a way as to violate any of these rules and regulations is subject to citation and fine.

City of Fredericksburg parking citations CANNOT be handled by the UMW Parking Management or UMW Police nor by the online UMW Parking Management System.  Parking on city streets is subject to the regulations and enforcement of the city of Fredericksburg.     

PARKING DECAL: UMW Parking Management Services is the only agent authorized to sell or in any way disburse parking decals/long term dash parking permits.

  • All UMW students bringing a vehicle to campus must have a decal.
  • Parking decals sold are not transferable from one individual to another.
  • Parking decals are not transferable from one vehicle to another.
  • Each individual is required to obtain their own decal. Failure to follow
    this guideline may result in a parking citation and possible honor code
  • Decals are to be adhered to the outside of the rear windshield driver’s
    side or bumper. Decals that are taped to the inside of a vehicle rear
    windshield are in violation of the parking policy and will result in a citation