Parking Lot Reservations Calendar

The following calendar indicates scheduled reservations for the 2019-2020 school year;  it reflects reservations of five (5) or more spaces per lot. The calendar is updated within one business day of confirmation of reservations.

Please note that accessible parking spaces remain available to any vehicles with DMV-issued accessible placards or license plates.

Alternative parking spaces can be found using the lot designation map here.

Information about UMW Escort services is found here.

Month Date Time Lot Name Spaces Lot Type
September 18 Wed, 12-7 PM Monroe South (#16) 15 Faculty/Staff
26 Thurs, 1-7 PM GW Lot 25 Faculty/Staff
October 24 Thurs, all day GW Lot                                                                          Annex Lot 23                                      All Faculty/Staff
  26 Sat GW Lot All Faculty/Staff
November 16 Sat GW Lot All Faculty/Staff
February 17 Mon GW Lot All Faculty/Staff
March 20 Fri GW Lot 25 Faculty/Staff
  21 Sat GW Lot All Faculty/Staff
April 3 Fri GW Lot All Faculty/Staff
  18 Sat GW Lot All Faculty/Staff