Handicap Parking


The use of a valid state issued handicap hangtag or license plate gives that vehicle authorization to park in any handicap parking spaces anywhere including handicap spaces on any UMW handicap space in any UMW campus parking lots.

Faculty, staff and student members of the UMW community who use handicap hangtag or valid state issued license plates are not exempt from registering their vehicle. Those individuals, who elect to park on a UMW property in a handicapped parking space, must display the handicap permit as well as a current valid UMW parking decal. If there are no handicap spaces available, the vehicle can park in the closest available unreserved space to the handicap parking area. If you have any ADA/handicap needs, please contact Parking Management for assistance.

Handicap permits may only be used for and/or by the persons to whom the handicap hangtag or plates was issued to.

Handicap parking is NOT PERMITTED where stopping, standing, or parking is prohibited to all vehicles, or which is reserved for specific types of vehicles. Neither does it apply where parking would clearly present a traffic or safety hazard.

Photocopied disabled handicap hang-tag permits are NOT VALID.


UMW does issue an on campus Handicap hangtag for parking purposes. This hangtag is good only on the UMW campus and is not acceptable anywhere else.

Students, faculty, and staff can apply for the UMW Handicap Hangtag and after meeting the following requirements:

  • Students, faculty, and staff needing the hangtag temporarily will need to furnish a written letter from their Doctor on their letterhead stationery. The Doctor’s letter must state the medical problem and how long the medical problem will exist.
  • The letter must be presented to the Parking Management Services Manager for determination.
  • When determination has been made the same policy and rules will apply to the UMW Handicap Hangtag as to the state issued handicap hangtag or plates.
  • Handicap authorization at times will also come from the office of Disability Services. Authorization from Disability Services is for students that will need long-term use of the Handicap parking. The Office of Disability Services will notify Parking Management of a student’s need of handicap parking.