Video Training

Chrome River is UMW’s online Travel Pre-Approval system AND the reimbursement system for both TRAVEL and NON-travel reimbursements (see Chrome River Frequently Asked Questions (CRFAQ) where you’ll find a link to login to Chrome River). The links below connect to password protected videos at The password for every video is the same and is found on the Chrome River homepage. (To get to the Chrome River homepage to see the password, use the CRFAQ link above; login to Chrome River, which will take you to the Chrome River homepage; and then find the 3rd bullet point under the “Help” heading on the right side of the page.) The videos will help users navigate through Chrome River for Travel Pre-Approvals and various types of reimbursements. The Introduction videos will probably need to be viewed only once. The other videos will be helpful when you actually submit for reimbursement or complete a Travel Pre-Approval.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  On 9/14/21, Chrome River has a new look that’s different from the images in the tutorial videos. Most importantly, CREATE a new report is on the Expense or Pre-Approval line item as shown on the image below. (In the old instance, CREATE was in the upper right corner near the name of the user.)




This video will demonstrate how to charge an amount to PERSONAL MATTER on the expense side. The funding source, PERSONAL MATTER, means an amount that will not be reimbursed by UMW.



This kind of request is the most complex and applies often to faculty who receive limited funding from multiple sources, such as CAS faculty who receive supplemental funding from the dean. (If lodging is being claimed, the video “Enter Lodging Expense” is helpful to watch prior to this video. If International Travel is involved, be sure to select the currency of your receipt on the reimbursement expense and see the International videos for additional sources.)


If you have multiple funding sources, be sure to watch the videos relating to Multiple Funding Sources (above). International travel entries work exactly the same way as other entries with a few exceptions*:

*When selecting the destination location under Meals Per Diem and Lodging, if you can’t find your city, you should enter the country name and other. For example, for Warminster England United Kingdom, you would enter United Kingdom Other.  (Avoid commas.)

*On the expense side, select the currency of your receipt and Chrome River will do the conversion.


Only employees have access to Chrome River, so an employee will have to enter travel pre-approvals and reimbursement requests for students and guests. Entries for students/guests are done in Chrome River the same as an employee so the video tutorials apply to all travel pre-approvals and reimbursements. The only difference is that the Traveler/Payee Type will be either a guest or a student (and not an employee) and the regulations will route based upon Traveler/Payee Type. It will be obvious when you enter in Chrome River. If you cannot find the student or guest in Chrome River, complete a COVW-9 and submit the completed form to Accounts Payable. Within a few business days, the student or guest should show in Chrome River.

When students travel as part of a group, especially if a UMW charge card is used to pay for the expenses, choosing “Multiple” as the Traveler/Payee Type might be more efficient. This video explains options for group travel involving students. NOTE when using “Multiple” as the Traveler/Payee Type: On the travel pre-approval, use the Miscellaneous tile for the “per diem” entry and provide details in the description field to explain. On the expense side, the Miscellaneous tile can be used only for business meals.


The UMW Finance Card should be used for Business Meals but in cases where it could not be used, this video will provide instructions for reimbursement. NOTE: The video covers Business Meals reimbursement first, so if your reimbursement is not a business meal, please watch the first two (2) minutes and then fast forward to 7 minutes 44 seconds.