MyTime Phase 1 Implementation

Please see below for more information on Phase 1 of the MyTime roll-out.  For details on the Phase 2 implementation click here.

Phase 1

For all non full-time employees and respective supervisors. This includes students, wage, and those who work part-time and will be using the time clock. This group does not include teaching, Adjunct or Administrative faculty unless they supervise this group.

Training begins the week of December 8th. The use of MyTime will begin with the January 12th pay period.

Immediate Action for Phase 1 Supervisors

1. Review the training requirements.
(below)  and determine if you will allow a ‘Go To Assist’ individual to replace employee attendance at training.
2. If you also supervise full-time staff-complete the online Employee Schedule Template for Phase 2 preparation (only for full-time employees who do not work  8 to 5pm, with a one hour lunch work schedule).  See below for additional information.
3. Java and Browser updates may be required. Help Desk and IT are taking the lead to prepare Phase 1 individuals for the use of MyTime, you and your staff members may be contacted directly.  If you have shared computer workstations within your department, you may need to contact the Help Desk for additional upgrades.


Training Requirements

– Phase 1 individuals register now!

  • Observe and Learn training registration is required for all non-students.
  • Part 1 of Observe and Learn allows login to MyTime with hands on instruction. Part 2 focuses on supervisor tasks.
  • Supervisor attendance and participation is required for Parts 1 and 2.
  • For Phase 1 employees, part 1 and 2 is expected to take 25 minutes per session.
  • UMW Login and Passwords are required! Contact the Help Desk at 654-2255 and/or visit the website for more information.
  • Supervisors may elect a “Go to Assist” (GTA) person to attend part 1 training and ensure support is available to other office members.
  • All non-students must register for training, but may insert the GTA to replace their attendance.
  • Employees utilizing the Time Clock must register or insert the GTA to replace their attendance.
  • Student workers may attend, but it is not required. Specific information is being shared directly with each student worker.
  • MyTime sends reminder messages for Timecard approvals via Outlook. All employees should know their UMW Login and ID.
  • Are you anticipating an issue for your department?  Please contact

Employee Schedule Template – Phase 1 and Phase 2 supervisors complete now!

  • All full-time employees must be provided with a working schedule within MyTime. The working schedule allows the MyTime system to calculate leave and accrual.
  • The project team requires that each supervisor complete an Employee Schedule Template for each schedule that differs from 8am to 5pm with a one hour lunch. Employees are assigned to each working schedule created. We understand that some schedules may fluctuate. MyTime allows for supervisor edits.