The architectural firm Burt Hill is the corporation in charge of the design for the updated version of UMW. Burt Hill’s facility condition analysis indicated that 16 of 18 existing residence halls on the Fredericksburg campus require a major renovation.

The major changes concerning parking management will be as follows:

Campus Center Construction

‘No Parking’ will continue on the UMW side of College Avenue along the construction site until July 2015.

New Parking Deck/Campus Police Station

Burt Hill has recommended adding a new parking deck located on University-owned property on College Avenue to alleviate parking shortages. The deck will add approximately 400 cars to the university’s parking assets. Currently, the Campus Police Station is located in Brent Hall, which is not conducive for quick access to all campus points. With a frontage on College Avenue, the Campus Police Station will better serve the university and provide a closer connection to the surrounding community.

New Pedestrian Bridge and Renovated University Apartments

The development around Jefferson Square will be the first phase in extending Campus Walk to create a better pedestrian connection between the University Apartments and the main campus. The second phase of this will be the construction of an arched pedestrian bridge followed by a partial renovation of the University Apartments.

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