Room and Board Spring 2017

Fredericksburg Campus

The residential fees and meal plan rates outlined below have been approved by the Board of Visitors and are effective for the 2016-2017 academic year. Any changes to this schedule of fees will be announced immediately.

University Hall Housing – Per Semester


Randolph and Mason Halls

Single Room Hall Rate $4,205
Double Room Hall Rate $3,519

Willard Hall

Single Room Hall Rate $4,205

Alvey and Arrington Halls

Single Room Hall Rate $3,802
Double Room Hall Rate $3,116

Other University Halls

Single Room Hall Rate $3,700
Double Room Hall Rate $3,015
Triple Room Hall Rate $2,870
Quad Room Hall Rate $2,723

University Apartments – Per Semester

Single Room Apartment Rate $4,765
Double Room Apartment Rate $3,921


Eagle Landing – Per Semester

Academic Year (AY) Contract – Double Room $4,117


Please note that in-state and out-of-state students are charged the same rate for housing.


Meal Plans – Per Semester

Eagle Meal Plan  ($200 flex) $2,495
225 Meal Block Plan ($200 flex) $2,037
150 Meal Block Plan (300 flex) $1,954
90 Meal Block Plan ($175 flex) $1,098
75 Meal Block Plan ($250 flex) $1,098
30 Meal Block Plan ($500 flex) $769
8 Meal Block ($750 flex) $820


Please visit the UMW Dining website for a detailed description of each meal plan and other important dining information.

Please note that in-state and out-of-state students are charged the same rate for meals. First-year students living in University Housing must subscribe to the Eagle Meal Plan. All other students living on campus may choose between the 225 meal block plan and the 150 meal block plan.

All students living in either the University Apartments or Eagle Landing must subscribe to a meal plan. The 90 meal block plan and the 75 meal block plan are available only to Commuter Students, or students residing in the UMW Apartments or Eagle Landing.  The 30 meal block and the 8 meal block are only available to commuter students.

If you are a residential student, your bill will reflect the meal plan you selected when you completed your Housing and Dining Services Agreement application.

Students who wish to change meal plans must complete a Meal Plan Change Request within the first two weeks of classes. Approved meal plan changes will be effective within 72 hours of the submission.

Please note: Meal plans are carried over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester.