Chair Showroom Order Form

*You may request multiple models of chairs using this form. However, if you would like to purchase more than one of the same chair, you will need to purchase the chairs directly from the VCE Punchout Catalog in eVA. Please contact Procurement Services for any questions or assistance.

Once a chair is selected from the UMW Chair Showroom, a replacement chair needs to be ordered from VCE by Procurement Services, facilitated by this form.

Chair Delivery Information

Please fill out the following information to ensure the chair is delivered to the correct person and location.
If multiple people are receiving chairs, please include all names and indicate which chair each person is getting.
Please include the building and room number the chair needs to be delivered to.

Ordering Information

Chair Selection

Please select the chair(s) you are ordering from the Chair Showroom by entering in a quantity next to the selection.
Item# V972 04 GMRH U014. Mesh mid-back, lumbar support, firm foam seat.
Price: $555.49
Item# 3944 04 0BLK. Mesh back with leg support, foam seat.
Price: $453.95
Item# 3946 04 0BLK. Adjustable, ergonomic, lumbar support, up to 350 lbs.
Price: $785.95
Item# 3203 04 0BLK. High back, mesh back, lumbar support, foam seat.
Price: $350.95
Item# 3210 04 BLK. Mesh back, knee tilt, lumbar pad adjustment.
Price: $306.95
Item# NG 7280 04 U014. Mesh back, knee tilt, lumbar pad adjustment.
Price: $455.95