Premium Reward

COVA HealthAware Plan:

  • Login at
  • From the menu on the top left, select Stay Health, then select Discover a Healthier You
  • Once the Member Engagement Platform opens, select Health Assessment from the activity cards on the main screen or within the Records in the top menu
  • Within the Aetna Health mobile app, select improve then select Health Survey

Instructions can be found in the Aetna Health Digital Reference Guide at

COVA Care Plan:

  • Login at:
  • Select My Health Dashboard from the top navigation menu
  • Select Programs
  • Under Programs, select “Learn more” on the WebMD Health Risk Assessment card
  • Click “Start your assessment” to begin

Here is a link to the Health Assessment Navigation Guide for your reference

As a reminder, completion of the Health Risk Assessment is a requirement for eligible COVA Care participants to earn premium rewards