Proposed Certificates

Certifications provide proof that individuals have met certain standards.  IT professionals are accustomed to certifications, with many individuals aspiring to acquire A+, Network+, CISSP,  Cisco, or other certifications.  Certifications for the general user are less common, but no less important; they, too, validate the user’s competency with a variety of applications.

It is suggested that UMW offer three certification paths for users.  Some are free, while others have a cost associated with them.  These certification paths are:

  • UMW IT Certification:  Offer a certificate to users who complete a series of courses that are grouped together in a logical sequence. Courses may be completed by completed by attending a Face-2-Face training session or by using online materials. The courses each have a culminating activity that users are required to complete.  Courses and Certifications are outlined in this document.