WordPress-Getting Started

About the Class:

This course addresses the use of WordPress to edit web pages at UMW.  We’ll learn how to add and edit text, add and manipulate images, tabular data, lists, links, etc.  We’ll also modify the structure of our site.

What You’ll Learn:

Upon completion of this class, participants will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of a web page, and basic web site design.
  • Identify the features of WordPress, navigate, use menus, tool bars.
  • Edit an existing web page using WordPress.
  • Insert and modify text.
  • Create links to other web pages.
  • Insert and display a JPG or GIF graphic.
  • Insert a document.
  • Create a table with columns and rows of information.
  • Modify table properties.
  • Access your published web page using its URL.
  • Add a page to the web site.
  • Add a section to the web site.
  • Modify the page / section information.
  • Follow Copyright and Fair Use of Educational Multimedia guidelines.

What You Need to Know:

  • Familiarity with the Windows or Macintosh operating system is required.

If you don’t have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:


 Linking Posts, Pages, and Categories
 Using Images