WOW Card Request Form

Designated supervisors must be aware of and approve WOW card awards prior to the submission of this form.  See the Cabinet Recognition Criteria page for guidelines and designated supervisors.

Important Note: The last day to redeem Green WOW Cards for 2014 will be Nov. 25, 2014. Green WOW Cards not cashed by this date may be cashed after Jan. 5, 2015.

  • If you want to nominate another recipient for the same recognition reason, please press the back button on your browser AFTER submitting the request for the first person, then change the name and submit the form again.
    If you're awarding leave via a Yellow WOW card, indicate the number of hours of leave that you wish to award.
  • Reason for recognition should correspond with approved Cabinet Area recognition guidelines found
    By checking this box, and by entering my name in the next box, I verify that the designated supervisor is aware of and approves of this recognition.