PeopleAdmin / Careers Timeline

Last modified 05/15/2014

Projected Target Date Event Definition What Does This Mean for You?
Monday, 04/10/2014 Validation Testing Begins HR begins assessing the system. HR is assessing the system before we deliver it to you for testing.  We are working with PeopleAdmin to identify and resolve system design issues.
Week of  06/09/2014 Validation Testing Training Webinar to train designated testers. We will ask a number of supervisors and members of the PA Focus Groups to partner with us to test the system to ensure that it does what we want it to do.If you would like to be a part of the testing group, please let Pam Lowery (plowery@umw.edu) know prior to 04/04/2014.Designated testers will participate in training that will prepare them to test the new system.
Week of  06/09/2014 Validation Testing Expands Designated testers will begin testing the new Careers. PA has a defined protocol that we will use to test the system.
Tuesday, 07/22/2014
Detailed schedule to be announced.
Onsite Training begins Onsite training begins for Supervisors, Hiring Managers, and Chairs.

All Supervisors, Hiring Managers, and Chairs will be required to participate in training prior to using the system.  .A detailed schedule will be announced.Training will be offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year,
Tuesday, 07/29/2014 Go Live The new Careers site becomes active. You begin recruiting and modifying EWPs and Work Plans in the new system.
Tuesday, 07/29/2014
Phase Out of Old System Actions that were started in the old system, and are not yet complete:
Recruitments / Searches Recruitments / Searches that were not completed will be closed out in the old system.Applications and Applicant data will not move over from the old system to the new system.HR will ensure that all employees in newly filled positions will be made active in new system.
Changes to EWPs and / or Work Plans No changes to EWPs or Work Plans can be initiated in the old system.Changes to EWPs (Classified / Wage Employees), including modifications for the upcoming 2014-2015 Planning cycle, will be completed in the new system.Changes to Work Plans (A/P Faculty), including modifications for the upcoming 2014-2015 Planning Cycle, will also be completed in the new system.Current Work Plans will be used to complete the 2013-2014 Evaluation cycle for A/P Faculty.