Leadership UMW

Program Objectives:

  • To understand yourself and others (through self- and multi-rater feedback assessments and group interaction)
  • To learn the things that effective leaders do to motivate/improve individual and team performance
  • To develop an individual development plan
  • To learn the inner workings of UMW as an academic institution and as a business

Commitment and Attendance

Requirements of the Leadership UMW are:

  • Monthly cohort meetings
  • Monthly mentor meetings
  • Assigned readings
  • Group projects

Supervisor approval is required.


  • First cohort meets September 2014 – May 2015; 2-3 hours per month (format includes presentations, group work, readings, mentoring and a hands on leadership experience)
  • Mixed group of Faculty and Staff (target is 12 total, equal number from each group)
  • Supervisor approval required; cabinet member will be informed
  • Participants must have at least 2 years of full time service with UMW
  • The curriculum will focus on the top 5 leadership competencies identified in the cabinet responses: Collaboration , Establishing Direction, Interpersonal Skills, Written Communication, Verbal Communication
  • UMW mentors will be recruited; participants will meet with mentors monthly (after assignments are made)

Roll out:

  • March 31 – Send Announcement and Call for Applications to all employees; make announcement in Eagle Eye, SAC, academic forums
  • April 15 – Application Deadline
  • May 1 – Select cohort and notify selected participants. Information is shared about individual leadership assessment that must be completed with deadline and sketch of upcoming schedule
  • June – August Cohort members read assigned books
  • August 1 – Assessments begin to be completed by September 1
  • September – First Cohort begins


The online application is available for you to fill out.