#1 F.A.N. Program

The University is excited to announce the #1 Fantastic Action Noticed Colleague Recognition Program!  This program has been created to allow employees to recognize outstanding service provided by their fellow employees.  The program is laid out as follows:

  • You experience exceptional, positive collaboration from a colleague in a department other than your own.
  • You become a “FAN” of this colleague and submit a #1 F.A.N. Form for them.
  • Once the form has been submitted, Human Resources will process the request.
  • The colleague you wish to recognize (as well as their supervisor) will then be sent an e-mail explaining that they have a “FAN” who has recognized them. The recognized employee will be asked to come to HR to choose from a selection of UMW gifts.


What gifts can your colleagues receive?  Click here to see the awesome prize collection.

Please note:  Each employee can only receive two items from the inventory per fiscal year.