Service Awards

Congratulations to Our Service Award Recipients!

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce the University’s recognition program for milestone years of service.  UMW is one of the few VA Universities to recognize service years for all its Faculty and Staff as they reach a special milestone year.

Staff and faculty members will be presented, individually, with a University of Mary Washington Service Award Certificate and a congratulatory letter from the President. In addition, five year recipients will receive a personalized Bravo Signature Picture Frame bearing the UMW logo; ten year recipients will receive a desk clock, monogrammed with the UMW logo; and recipients with 15 years or more will receive a personalized gift brochure to select an award of their choice.  Click on the year below to view the award selection for that level.

15 years                  25 years                 35 years               45 years

20 years                  30 years                  40 years

Service Awards

Congratulations to those employees who have reached milestone years!   Check out the list of October Service Award Recipients.

Attention Supervisors:

Awards for milestone years should be presented to Faculty and Staff in the month that they are achieved.  If someone you supervise is reaching a milestone year anniversary during a particular month, you will be sent a message letting you know of the upcoming anniversary.  The award or brochure (depending on the years of service) will then be sent to you for presentation to the employee.