How to Hire Temporary Staff

How to Hire a Temporary Employee

  1. Contact the Budget Office to determine if funding is available.
  2. Identify an eVA buyer to process the electronic request.
  3. Complete the Request for Temporary Personnel Form
  4. Complete an eVA request and attach the request form to the eVA order. NOTE!! The eVA purchase order for Temporary Services in not entered as a “normal” order request and must be entered exactly as written.
    Temporary Employment Contract Instructions
  5. If you would like the temporary employee to have access to NetID, e-mail account, EagleOne, etc., please complete the Temporary/Volunteer Information Sheet and forward to Paula Wilder at on or before the employee’s first day of work.
  6. The Contract Administrator will review the request via eVA and coordinate the new hire of the temporary employee.
  7. Human Resources will provide an initial temporary parking pass that is good for two weeks.  If another pass or an extension is needed, you will need to contact the Parking Management Department (x 1129) to request a new one.

For assistance, please e-mail