Green WOW Cards

The green WOW card represents an award of $35.   Supervisors can reward classified and wage employees with a green WOW card that can be redeemed for $35 at the Cashier’s office in Lee Hall. To request a green WOW card, designated supervisors follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the reasons for awarding the recognition agree with Division Guidelines.
  2. Go to the online request form.
  3. Log in, using the same credentials that you use for UMW email.
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Click the Submit button. Your request will automatically be sent to HR for approval.
  6. Supervisors will then receive notification from the Office of Human Resources when the WOW card has been approved.
  7. The supervisor will notify the recipient of the green WOW card.
  8. The recipient will go to the Cashier’s office in Lee Hall to collect the reward.  The recipient will be asked for a signature and picture ID to collect the $35.

NOTE: Due to IRS regulations, all CASH rewards are taxable. As a result, this cash award is considered taxable earnings for Federal and State purposes and will be processed through Payroll. However, the University of Mary Washington wants you to have the full $35 immediately. Therefore, any appropriate Social Security (FICA), Medicare, (MQFE), and federal and state taxes will be deducted through Payroll. This award will be included as part of your total gross income reflected on your next W-2 form.


For any questions on the process, please contact Terri Arthur (