Insurance Coverage and Income Replacement Programs

Group Life Insurance

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All state employees are enrolled in the group life insurance plan administered by the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) at no cost to the employee. This plan provides life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance during employment. This benefit is provided at no cost to quasi full-time employees and part-time classified employees, providing life insurance and accidental death/ dismemberment insurance during employment.  The value is based on the employee’s base salary.  The employees may also purchase optional group life and pay the entire premium through payroll deduction.

Natural Death

The amount of an employee’s life-insurance coverage for death from natural causes is his or her annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand, then doubled.

Accidental Death

The benefit for accidental death is double the natural death benefit.

Optional Life Insurance

Through a plan also administered by VRS, active insured employees may purchase optional life insurance for themselves, their spouses and their minor children.  Premiums are paid through payroll deduction.  In certain cases, some coverage may be continued into retirement.  The Benefits Administrator in the Office of Human Resources, AA/EEO can provide additional information on this type of insurance.