Infant Care and Medical Leave for Childbirth

This section applies to A/P Faculty under the University sick leave plan only.

To accommodate the medical and/or special family-bonding needs associated with childbirth or adoption, the University makes the following provisions for full-time A/P Faculty.  (Infant Care and Medical Leave for Childbirth are subject to the provisions of the FMLA.)

Medical Leave for Childbirth

Female, full-time A/P Faculty are provided full salary and benefits (with no leave charged) for up to three weeks for medical disability due to childbirth.  This three-week period of leave must be taken upon the birth of the child and is continuous.

Infant-Care Leave

Each full-time A/P Faculty member shall be provided three weeks of paid leave with full benefits (with no leave charged) upon the adoption or birth of a child.  In the event of birth, this three-week period of leave is available upon the birth of the child, is continuous, and must be taken within six weeks of the birth.  In case of adoption, whether a newborn or an older child, the infant-care leave is available upon assuming physical custody and is continuous.  Infant-care leave is not available on an intermittent basis.

If time off beyond the three weeks for medical leave and the three weeks for infant-care leave as described above is medically necessary for a female, full-time A/P Faculty member, she may charge this time to sick leave.  Regardless of the amount of time off, the A/P Faculty member must provide a doctor’s certificate stating that she is medically able to return to work.

* This option is not available to A/P Faculty covered by VSDP.  A/P Faculty with VSDP should consult the corresponding policy.