Leave Without Pay

DHRM Policy 4.45 – Leave Without Pay http://web1.dhrm.virginia.gov/itech/hrpolicy/pol4_45.html

In certain situations, employees may ask for or need to be placed in a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) status. This status preserves some benefits of employment and permits reinstatement of other benefits if the employee returns to paid status. LWOP does not separate an employee from state service, and many benefits are not affected, especially if the period of LWOP is not long. In order to avoid unintentional LWOP, an employee should learn to manage his/her paid leave carefully. Employee-initiated LWOP must be approved.

Leave Without Pay may be Unconditional (reinstatement to the pre-leave position is guaranteed) or Conditional (reinstatement will occur only if the pre-leave position remains available).