Sick Leave

See the appropriate section for information about A/P Faculty, classified employees, or wage, and supplemental part-time employees.

A/P Faculty

Sick leave for A/P Faculty is provided under either the University sick-leave program or the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP).  Only A/P Faculty who choose the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) plan may also choose the VSDP sick leave option.  The choice must be made at the time of employment.

The following applies to the University’s “traditional” sick leave.  If VSDP is chosen, refer to the VSDP policy from the Office of Human Resources, AA/EEO for the sick-leave provisions of that policy, or visit the website.

  • Sick leave is available to all A/P Faculty who hold full-time positions (with appointment of 12 months) for the following purposes: doctor appointments, illness, injury to either the A/P Faculty member or a member of his or her immediate family or a death in the family*.  A/P Faculty with contracts of less than 12 months receive a pro-rated amount of sick leave.
  • The immediate family (as it relates to the University’s sick leave policy) includes the A/P Faculty member’s parents, spouse, children, brother or sister.  Stepparents, stepchildren and children for whom the A/P Faculty member is the legal guardian are also considered immediate family.  The period of time which may be used for leave in case of illness of death in the immediate family may not exceed 10 days in a calendar year.
  • A/P Faculty are granted 15 workdays of sick leave per year.  Those with contracts beginning during a fiscal year will be granted a pro-rated amount of leave.
  • Sick leave is granted in a lump sum on June 25 of each year.  Sick leave can be carried over from one year to the next, up to a maximum of 130 workdays.
  • A/P Faculty must follow established departmental call-in procedures for absences due to illness.  Normally, A/P Faculty member’s immediate supervisor must be notified by him or her at the beginning of a workday.
  • Sick-leave balances are maintained in MyTime.  These balances are calculated by quarter hour increments.  Sick leave charged should be reported in terms of quarter hour increments or portions thereof.  All time away from work for doctor’s appointments, etc.  must be charged to sick leave.
  • Upon returning to work, A/P Faculty must record the time missed through MyTime for each quarter hour or more of sick leave used.  These time off requests must be completed  in MyTime and approved by the supervisor at the time sick leave is requested.
  • A physician’s report may be required for an extended absence.  If a physician’s report is received by the Office of Human Resources, AA/EEO, indicating that the A/P Faculty member must be out for a specified time, another report must be received indicating that the A/P Faculty member is able to return to work.
  • There is no compensation made for unused sick leave at the time of separation or retirement.

Classified Employees

DHRM Policy 4.55 – Traditional Sick Leave



Traditional Sick Leave is not available to employees hired on January 1, 1999, or later. Traditional Sick Leave is granted at the rate of five hours per completed pay period regardless of length of service. Payout limits and other provisions are explained in Policy 4.55.

Eligible employees may use up to 33% of their available sick leave balance for absences for family illness or disability that are covered by FMLA.

MyTime is used to request and approve leave.

Wage or Supplemental Part-time Employees

Wage or supplemental part-time employees do not earn sick leave.

Virginia Sickness and Disability Program  Leave (VSDP)

DHRM Policy 4.57 – Virginia Sickness and Disability Program
VSDP Manual

This section applies to A/P Faculty who elect VSDP and classified employees.

Eligible employees receive supplemental replacement income during periods of partial or total disability for both non-occupational and occupational disabilities after one year of continuous participation with VSDP. This encourages rehabilitation with an ultimate goal to return employees back to gainful employment when medically able, and provides employees with sick and family and personal leave.  VSDP Family and Personal Leave and VSDP Sick Leave amounts are granted to participants in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program upon hire and at the beginning of the leave year, January 10. Hours remaining from the previous year do not carry over nor are paid out. Length of state service (shown in months) determines the amount of these types of leave.

The next paragraph applies only to A/P Faculty.

Only A/P Faculty who chose VRS for their retirement plan and then chose VSDP for their sick leave plan will have sick leave and family/personal leave under VSDP.  A/P Faculty who chose VSDP are not eligible to receive leave share for their illness, but may for family members.

See the VSDP Employee Manual at  for more information.